About me


Name – Iain Webb.

Nickname – The Peddaling Baron of Positivity.

Nationality – British.

D.O.B – 24/05/66

P.O.B – England.

Place of Residence – Romford.

Profession – LGV driver.

Height – 5’11”

Weight – 89kg

Hobbies – Mountain biking and making people happy.

Likes – Friendly, kind and happy people.

Dislikes – Being used, abused and taken for a mug!

Club – Hadleigh MTB Club.

Trainer – Kevin Darragh.

Sportive aim – Champion at what I do!!

Statement of intention – To do the best I can with the most fun and pull others along with me.


Hey everyone, my name is Iain and I race for the Hadleigh Mountain Bike Club in the UK. Some of you may know the club given its association with the site of the 2012 Olympic MTB course. Anyway, before I jump too far ahead of myself, let me first go back to the beginning. Where did my MTB life start?

Well, I am fairly new to mountain biking after having bought a hardtail Marin just over three years ago for health reasons (being overweight at 17stone (107kg) and a 40″ (101.6cm) waistline). I thought I’d use the bike to travel to and from work on British roads. Now although it is by no means boring cycling on poorly surfaced pot-holed roads (hence a MTB), and with other less then respectful road users, I soon found the need for something more. A very good friend (Paul Abbott) suggested I take up racing.

Umm, that got me thinking. My brother Dave who lives in Western Australia also enjoys mountain biking and has taken part in various events himself from single day to multi-stage events i.e, The Western Australian Cape to Cape as well as the epic Austrian organised “Crocodile Trophy” to name but two. I thought that if my brother enjoys racing mountain bikes, and as we have similar tastes, then it may well be a sport for me to try my hand at!

So it was decided, racing it is then: Hope you enjoy my ramblings!